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Q. How long does grooming take?
A. We typically require 4-5 hours to groom your pet from start to finish. Sometimes it
can be a shorter length of time if your pet's coat is in good condition or if we have a
lighter schedule of grooming clients. Other times it might take longer due to excessive
matting, excessive time needed for drying, or other factors. Dealing with animals you
never know what will come up. We will quote you a time frame but it might change.
Some grooming shops require pets to stay from morning till night.

Q. How much does grooming cost?
A. The price of grooming is different for every pet. We cannot quote an exact price
until we have groomed the dog. The price varies due to size, coat condition, coat
quantity, length of time it takes to groom the pet and temperament. If your pet is
excessively matted, has fleas or needs special attention it may fluctuate your normal
grooming price.

Q. When can I pick up my pet?
A. At the time of drop off we go over what time we think your pet might be finished.
Sometimes we are uncertain as to when we will be done, so we will ask if we can
call you when your pet is finished. Other times we know how our day is going and we
can give you an exact time to pick up your pet. If you have any questions as to when
your pet will be ready we ask that you call before you stop in. We have a receptionist
that will check with the groomer.

Q. My pet is matted. Do you groom matted pets?
A. Yes we do. If your pet has matting we can either shave it out, or if it is small and
loose, brush it out. We try to d-matt a pets coat if at all possible to keep the length.
But most of the time the matting need to be clipped off. D-matting or brushing a
matted pets coat is painful. There is no simple way to do it. Clipping the matts off
may leave your pet shorter than you would like but it is more humane. Regular
brushing and combing keeps your pets coat matt free. Pets that have excessively
matted hair will be subject to an additional charge.

Q. Do you take my dog outside for potty breaks?
A. For the typical 4-5 hour stay we do not take your dog outside for a potty break. If
your pet has excessive gas or is acting like he has to go, we will try to find time to
take him outside. We ask that you walk your dog and try to get him to empty before
coming in for your appointment. We have grass available in the front parking lot to try
again if you didn't have any luck at home. Pets that mess their crates are subject to
an additional clean up charge. This also can set a groomer behind in her schedule.
We sometimes suggest to not feed your pet the morning before grooming.

Q. My pet has fleas. Do you groom animals with fleas?
A. We do not accept animals that are known to have fleas in our facility for grooming.
We do not want to put other pets at risk, or our facility. If your pet is found to have
fleas at the time of grooming, there will be an additional charge up to $40 for bug
bombing our facility, flea shampoo for your pet, and cleaning up of the areas where
your pet has been. We recommend that you use a spot on flea preventative and
check your pet regularly year round for fleas.

Q. Do you sedate pets when you groom them?
A. No we do not. Sedatives must be administered by a vet. Some pets may need to
be sedated by a vet prior to grooming. If your pet puts itself and us in danger we
might suggest that you talk to your vet about sedation. Most pets do not need

Q. Can I stay with my pet for grooming?
A. We do not allow owners to stay with their pets for grooming. Almost all pets
behave better after their owners have left. All of our groomers treat their grooming
clients with kindness and understanding. Our groomers are experienced in handling
animals and know how to read animal language.

Q. Do you feed my pet while it is being groomed?
A. We do not give treats or food to our grooming clients. We never know if a pet has
an allergy or sensitivity so we err on the side of caution.

Q. Can I bring shampoo from home to be used on my pet?
A. Yes you can! Some pets have skin problems and a vet has recommended a
special prescription shampoo. Please label it with your name.

Q. Does my pet get to play with other animals while being groomed?
A. No. We do not want to put any pets in danger. We never know what a dog's
temperament is like and some just don't get along with other dogs. All animals are
crated individually (unless 2 from the same home want to be crated together) and do
not have access to other pets. If you want your dog to play with other dogs check out
our DAYCARE page.

Q. Do you muzzle my pet?
A. Some animals need to be muzzled for grooming. Some pets have had a bad
experience with a particular part and need to be muzzled for just those parts.
Sometimes a muzzle will calm a pet down. If your pet is uncomfortable and is
showing aggression, or that he might bite, we may place a muzzle on your pet.

Q. Can I drop my pet off early?
A. Yes you can. We open at 7:00 am, Mon - Fri and 8:00 on Sat. If you need to drop
your pet off before you leave for work, someone will be here. Your pet will still be
quoted 4+ hours from the appointed grooming time. If it is your pets first stay with us,
we ask that you let us know if you are dropping off early so we can cover all aspects
of grooming ahead of time. Our groomers arrive between 8:00 am and 9:00 am and
they like to go over grooming with you.

Q. Do you groom cats?
A. Yes we do. Our groomers have lots of experience dealing with cats. We can give
cats haircuts or just a bath, even though they usually don't like it, most tolerate a
quick bath. If your cat absolutely hates water but needs to be cleaned up we can give
a baby powder bath to help remove excess oil, dander and dirt.

Q. My pet doesn't like to be crated. Do you crate all pets?
A. Most pets don't like to be crated at home because they want to be with you. While
they are being groomed we need a safe place to keep them. Most pets don't mind
being crated while staying with us. Once they learn the routine they settle down and
usually take a nap!

Q. My pet needs to be groomed but I don't know what style haircut I want.
A. We have a photo album of some groomed dogs to help pick out a style or trim you
might like. If you have a picture of a dog that you like the look, bring it along and we
can try to copy it. We also can modify what we did the previous grooming to adapt to
something different. You are the one who lives with and looks at your pet. We want
you to be happy with how they look.

Q. How often should I have my pet groomed?
A. It all depends on the type of hair your pet has, the length of coat and your
preference. Typically the longer the coat the more your pet will need grooming. We
recommend every 6-8 weeks for a moderately coated dog who grows hair
continuously such as Cocker spaniels, Shih Tzus, and Poodles. Breeds that shed or
molt out their coats seasonally such as Malamutes, Goldens or Saint Bernard's need
grooming when their coat is shedding to keep the excess hair at bay and also to
prevent matting. Once every season(Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) is usually
sufficient. If you don't care to bathe or brush your pet at home coming in more
regularly such as every 3 weeks will keep your pet clean and fresh looking.

Q. How soon should I have my puppy groomed?
A. We recommend having puppies groomed as soon as possible when they are still
babies. We don't have to do a full haircut, just a bath and brush out and light trim to
get them used to the process. When they are younger they adapt better to the
stresses of grooming and will grow up to be a well behaved adult.

Q. Do you use heated dryers?
A. We do not use any heated dryers on our crates. Some grooming shops use them
and they will dry a pet, after bathing, very quickly. We do not want to take the risk of
having a pet overheat in one of these dryers. Our hand held force air dryers have a
heating element in it but it is only used for a short period of time on your pet. All of
our crates blow cool room temperature air into the crate with your pet.

Q. My pet has an illness, what do you do to accommodate them?
A. Please notify the groomer of any illness you pets have. Seizures, diabetes, heart
trouble, or hip displaysia are all things we need to know before grooming your pet.
We will be extra careful when dealing with a pet with health issues. We also
recommend that while your pet stays with us that you leave us a phone number to be
able to contact you immediately if needed.

Q. How soon can I book my next appointment?
A. We have some clients that book a whole year worth of appointments in January. If
you know your schedule or a time or day that always works for you go ahead and
book. Sometimes we do book a few weeks out and cannot get you in right away.
Holidays are especially busy as is springtime. To be sure you get in when you want
book as soon as possible to be assured a spot.

Q. Do you have a cancellation list?
A. Yes we do. Sometimes a client needs to cancel last minute and since our
groomers work on commission they try to fill any openings. We only place people on
a cancellation list if they already have an appointment booked. Relying on a
cancellation only is risky as sometimes we just don't have any.