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Sometimes your dog or cat needs a sprucing up between groomings or just
a few simple things to keep him clean and healthy. We offer a wide variety
of grooming services to suit your needs.

*Our scheduled grooming clients come first. If you would like to
have any of our A la Carte services you MUST CALL to ask if we
will have time. We cannot guarantee that we can fit you in.
Sometimes we may be just too busy.

Just a Bath
Sometimes your dog may roll in something or needs a bath to keep clean between groomings. Your
dog will only receive a Bath, Blow dry and Brush out.

Brush out
If you have a pet that comes in regularly for grooming and needs to be brushed out, but is not in need of
a bath, we can help keep up your pets coat , by removing matts, burrs and tangles.

Matt Shave
If your animal has a matt in a specific place such as behind his ear or in an armpit we can shave it out
for you.

Nail Trim
If you are scared of getting your pets nails too short or he fights you too much at home, bring him in for a
nail trim. We do Cats, Dogs, Ferrets, Rabbis and other small animals.

Nail Grind
Some pets may grow their nails excessively and grinding can take care of that. We use a Dremel tool to
sand back your dogs nails to as short as they can go. This leaves a smooth edge. Sometimes  dogs
tolerate grinding better than trimming because of the squeezing and clicking of the regular trimmer.

Foot Trim
We shave out your dogs pads and trim up all the hair around the toes. Sometimes we will NEED to do a
nail trim if they are too long as the nails get in the way of our scissors.

Face Trim
Some fluffy dogs need to be spruced up between groomings. We will shave out the hair between the
eyes and trim any hair that hangs in front of the eyes. Beard or Moustache trimming can be done also.

Butt Trim
Some dogs just have fluffy butts! Poop and debris can collect on hair and cause a smelly situation.
Shaving around the messy end or scissoring up long hair can be done to your liking.

Anal Gland Expression
We expel Anal Glands externally. Vets express them internally and sometimes your dog may need to
have a vets attention. Cologne is applied afterwards

Groin Shave
Some dogs pee on their hair and when it collects it is very smelly. Keeping groins and "potty areas"
shaved can help.

Teeth Brushing
All we do is brush your dogs teeth with toothpaste and a toothbrush. We will only brush your dogs teeth
if they are in good condition. We will refer you to your vet if they are too bad.

Ear Hair Plucking
If your fluffy dog grows excessive hair in his ears or is prone to infections keeping the hair plucked out
can keep that from happening. We recommend that we clean the ears after plucking .

Ear Cleaning
We use cotton balls and a medicated cleaner to clean out excessive wax in your pets ears and prevent
infection. If your dogs ears are infected you will need to seek vet care.