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We offer all breed dog and cat grooming
services by professional, experienced groomers.
Your pet will be treated like one of the family.

Appointments are available Monday - Saturday
Morning, Afternoon and Night.

Call 262-673-6911 for pricing and to schedule
an appointment.
Click on any of the tabs to the left to learn
more about our grooming process and all the
services we offer.
*Pets are tied into the tub to
ensure their safety.

*Our waist high tubs help us be
at your pets level to get them
exceptionally clean.

*We check and express anal

*We use all natural shampoos
applied with hand held sprayers
or your own special shampoo.

*We hold very high standards so
you can be assured your pet will
be clean and fresh smelling.

*We use hand held, forced air
dryers to blow excess water and
hair off of your pet.

*All finish drying is done in our
cool air, crate dryers.

*All finishing crates have a grate
at the bottom so cool air
circulates around your pet.

*No heated dryers to stress your
We staff 2 full-time groomers & 2 part-time
groomers. Our groomers have the
experience that you have been looking
for! (Over 50 years of experience) To
learn more about our groomers visit the
"Meet Our Groomers" tab on the top left
of this page.

*Grooming is different for every
pet, but the basics(nail trimming,
ear cleaning, brushing and fine
tooth combing)are applied to
each and every client.

*We offer breed specific cuts or
your own personalized styles.
We work with you to get the
perfect groom for you and your
dog or cat.
Pictures & information about Grooming
Our Grooming Room
Our Bathing/Drying Room
Our bathing room is kept exceptionally clean. All surfaces
are easy to disinfect and clean. Fresh air is circulated
throughout the room constantly by vents.
Our 3 grooming
Grooming room crates
Our waist high tubs
Our Drying crates
Room temperature air is
circulated around your pet.
Our drying bench
Another view of the tubs