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~6:45 to 8:30~
All dogs are put in crates waiting
for friends to arrive. Dogs are
walked while waiting

~8:30 to 11:30~
Socializing and play time.
Half-way through this playtime
another outdoor walk is done
and water is given.

~11:30 to 1:00~
Nap time.
Everyone is walked outside and
put back in a crate for a nap,
Water is offered and treats/food
brought from home is fed.

~1:00 to 4:00~
Another round of playtime.
One more outdoor walk is done
half-way through this playtime
and water is also given.

~4:00 to 5:30~
Nap time & pickup.
Dogs are walked outside before
being crated and rest while
waiting to be picked up
We offer Dog Daycare Tuesdays - Fridays

Dog Daycare is an excellent way to exercise and socialize
your dog. If you work long hours or just don't have the time
our daycare is perfect for you! Coming home to a tired, well
exercised dog is great!

Our facility is totally indoors so the weather never interferes
with play. Dogs are leash walked outside & always go home

Visit the Daycare FAQ link to the left. If you have any other
questions just ask! We would be happy to answer them.
Stop in and see the facility if you would like. 262-673-6911
BIG dogs
Little dogs
2 TIRED Labs!
Is it nap time yet?
They have the coolest toys!
"Good catch Louie!"
Big Friends...and Little Friends!
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